Licensed Esthetican, Licensed Massage Therapist
Hello, I’m Angela

I equally love massage and skincare! I do my best to target problem areas with the best of my knowledge and skills. I like to take an eclectic approach with massage and have the professional freedom to do whatever I feel is necessary to optimize my client’s rejuvenation experience, whether that be Swedish, bodywork, or stretching, to deep tissue (only as needed) all in one session.

Although my goal is to be therapeutic, I also want to make sure that you, as the client, are comfortable. Before and during your session, I encourage every client to speak freely and let me know what they want from me. The only pain I would want my clients to have, if any, is “good” pain. The only disappointment I would want for my clients is that they should have booked a longer session!

I’m constantly evolving and acquiring new skills. I like to experiment with different essential oils with healing properties. I’m a certified stretch coach and I enjoy performing Thai massage, but I specialize in Swedish. I love to pamper my clients and aim to provide the best relaxation I can possibly give!